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Intova 8M Waterproof Reusable Camera


This listing is for: 
1 x Intova SS04 8M Waterproof Reusable Film Camera 

This inexpensive yet tough and durable waterproof model is designed for use in Daylight conditions. Its compact size, rugged and waterproof design make it an ideal camera for snorkeling, skiing, fishing, boarding, surfing, etc. Rigorous quality control at the factory is one reason Intova are industry leaders in low return rates and customer satisfaction. 

Key Features: 
Waterproof to 25 feet / 8 meters 
28mm Focus Free lens 
Preloaded with 27 exposure 200 ASA film 
Shock resistant, heavy-duty housing that floats 
Cam lock clasp with hinged back. 
Adjustable Nylon Hand strap included 
Camera is reusable 
Compact size; small enough to fit in a shirt pocket 
User Guide included 
Great for: The Beach, Pool, Underwater Swimming & Diving (+ More!) 

Care and Maintenance: 
1) Rinse thoroughly in clean fresh water after each use. 
2) Clean O-ring after each use 
3) Keep O-ring lightly lubricated with silicon grease. 

Film Replacement: 
Snap Sights cameras will work with any brand, standard 35mm film. Film is rated by ASA. The following chart shows the most common ratings and applications: 

ASA/ISO 100 – Use outdoors on sunny days. 
ASA/ISO 200 – Same as 100 
ASA/ISO 400 – Indoor/outdoor, lower light, shallow water, faster movement. 
ASA/ISO 800 – Indoor/Outdoor, darker, deeper water, faster movement 
ASA/ISO 1000+ – Fast Action low light 

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