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Kids Tech Hatching Kit Triceratops KTFEK104

Kids Tech!! WOW!!

This listing is for:
1 x Kids Tech Hatching Kit Triceratops

Have endless fun with the Kids Tech Triceratops Hatching Kit. Complete with its very own backstory, you can take on the role of adventurer and scientist as you go on your very own dinosaur expedition! Hide the egg and fossils in the sand, garden, or your house and set off on a fact finding adventure. Once found, put the fossils together to create the dinosaur's skeleton. Bring your fossils back to life by downloading the App and scanning the AR card found in the egg. Surprise your child with the resurrected toy!

Suitable for:
In retail packaging
Children / Kids Aged 5+ / Family
Primary School / Intermediate / Homes
Present / Gift / Holiday / Christmas / Xmas / Birthday

Kids Tech Hatching Kit Triceratops KTFEK104