Samsung Galaxy S4 Aluminium Case SP 8GB MicroSD
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Screen Protector lx2001 packaging
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Samsung Galaxy S4 Aluminium Case SP 8GB MicroSD


This listing is for: 
1 x 2 in 1 Metal Aluminium and Silicone Case for Samsung Galaxy S4 S IIII i9500 GT-I9500 - Black 
2 x Screen Protector (incl cleaning cloth) for your Samsung Galaxy S4 S IIII i9500 GT-I9500 - Choose from Clear or Matte / Anti Glare 
1 x ADATA 8GB MicroSD Micro SD Card for your Samsung Galaxy S4 

Features of Case: 
- Silicon Case on the inside, metal Aluminium on the outside 
- Durable, tear-resistant 
- Designed to fit the S4 perfectly 
- Textured surface make it more comfortable to hold the S3 in your hand 
- Includes cutouts for all ports 
- Screen is left open for easy access 
- Suitable for your Samsung I9500 I9505 I9502 GT-I9500 
- Screen surface does not touch ground when laid on its front 

Who should use this case? 
- Trades people, builders, electricians, mechanics or anyone in a rough environment 
- Bikers, trekkers, hikers 
- Students and even in the office 
- Person's who frequent night spots 

Key benefits of Screen Protector: 
- Includes cleaning cloth 
- Specifically fits around earpiece and contour of screen 
- Specific for the S4 

Key benefits of SD Card: 
- Add's memory to your digital device to hold more photo's, music and video 
- Lifetime warranty (other brands offering only 5years) 

Why these cases are really priceless? For only 15.99 + p&p the case protects your investment from the inevitable wear and tear, stone chips, concrete marks etc whilst adding memory to your device