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This listing is for; 
1 x 1 Pack Genuine Original High Quality Varta 9V Alkaline Battery - Don't Risk buying dodgy batteries - Buy quality - Buy Camelion! 

Varta High Energy Alkaline: A alkaline battery for all applications with high and long lasting power requierments for frequent use. 
0% Mercury 

- 1 Pack / 1x / 1 x / 1pk Batteries 
- Always ready when you need power 
- Similar to Energizer, Eveready comparable models 
- Brand new & factory sealed 

Technical data: 
Technology: Alkali-manganese 
Size: 9V PP3 
Content: 1 pc(s) 
T: 16 mm 
Voltage: 9 V 
Width: 25.5 mm 
Height: 48.5 mm 
Category: 9 V / PP3 battery 
Alternative battery types: 6LR61, 6LR21, 6AM6, 6LP3146, MN1604, A1604, E Block, LR22, 522, 6LF22, 1604A, K9V, 6R21, 6R22, BA3090/U, 6F22, PP3HP, 006P, AM6F, 6LF62, HP3, M1604, 4022, BLOC, CLR6, KA9, ND65V, U9VL-J-P 

Great for use in: 
Smoke detectors 
Communications Equipment 
Electronic Calculators 
Flashlights, Penlights 
Measuring Instruments 
Remote Controls 
Portable Electronics 

Who should use these batteries? 
- Hobbyist's 
- Trades people, builders, electricians, mechanics or anyone in a power dependent environment 
- Bikers, trekkers, hikers 
- Students and even in the office 
- Person's who frequent night spots 
- Outdoor sports persons, surfers, boaties etc 

Similar to: 
Duracell MN1604, Energizer 522, 6F22, 6LF62, 6LR61, 6KR61, 1604, 1604A, 1604AC, 1604D, 1604LC, 6F22, 6LF62, 6LR61, 6KR61, 006P, 11604, 1222BP, 216, 2U6, 4022, 6AM6, 7.2H5, Radio Battery, A1604, AM6F, BA-3090/U, BLOC, CLR6, EN22, HP3, K9V, KA9, L522, Li9V, LR22, ND65V, PP3, PP3HP, R22, RB100890, Square battery, U9VL, U9VL-FP, U9VL-J, etc 

Why buy from us?; 
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